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about us

Locally owned and family run, The Cape Effect Coffee Roasters are small batch, specialty coffee roasters located in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Established in 2016, it is our aim to source the best quality beans and roast them with care to provide our customers with an exceptional cup of coffee.

our story

After spending more than 7 years working as a Manager in coffee sales for a large multi-national, whilst also roasting coffee as a hobby for family and friends our main man Ben saw an opportunity to establish our own coffee roasting business. Not only is he an awarded Sales Manager, he's a trained Barista and a qualified Barista trainer. Experienced in coffee machine repairs and maintenance and most importantly a gun on the Roaster he's an all round coffee guru.

With an extensive background in Graphic Design and Marketing, and a passion for good coffee, Nicole is the one responsible for The Cape Effect Coffee Roasters brand, packaging, marketing, online coffee sales and accounts. She is also our main roaster.

Together we are The Cape Effect Coffee Roasters!


The Cape Effect is the name we give to the wind phenomenon often experienced along the Cape Naturaliste peninsula. Caused by the moderating effect of water on both sides of the land, surfers and fishermen often report favourable wind conditions in the local area when it's on-shore elsewhere along the coast.

As lovers of the ocean and long time locals it's from this phenomenon that we have drawn the inspiration for our brand and our name.


What we can do for you


coffee Roasting

First and foremost we roast coffee. We source specialty grade green beans from around the world and roast them in house in small batches to produce the very best coffee we can for our customers.

Our house blend, Lost Swan, has been carefully developed with an eye for consistency and quality, not just from roast to roast but also throughout the year.

We also roast a secondary blend named May Days and our water processed Mexico Decaf as standard. At times we offer single origin coffees for purchase.


We pride ourselves on our great quality coffee and excellent service and are more than happy to discuss your individual needs.

We offer a range of blended coffee and single origins for your cafe or restaurant, backed up by support and training.

Our products are hand delivered weekly in the South West Region and couriered elsewhere.

barista training

It's our belief that the right training and skills are necessary to make great coffee. That's why we offer complimentary barista training for all of our wholesale clients on an on-going basis.

Provided on-site, we teach your staff how to get the best out of our product and maximise work flow to help make your business the best it can be.


We understand that using the right equipment is necessary to produce consistently great coffee.

We are able to provide advice on the best equipment to suit your needs and budget and can assist you with planning your fit-out to ensure that everything is positioned and set-up to help get your cafe up and running as effortlessly as possible


We believe great coffee should be available to anyone at any time, including in your home. Which is why we've partnered with some of our wholesale clients to offer our products in a retail space.

Our coffee is currently available for purchase from the following outlets:

Goanna Gallery & Cafe, 278 Hayes Road, Dunsborough

Alex Junior Espresso, Padbury Shopping Centre

Dolphin Discovery Centre, Bunbury



We offer our Lost Swan Blend, May Days Blend and Mexico Decaf for sale online. Single Origins are also available to purchase on occasion. Shop Now.



We’re all about keeping it simple! One kilo bags of two great blends and a 250g decaf for those who are that way inclined. Single origins will be availble to purchase on occasion. Our specialty grade green beans are sourced from around the world and roasted in small batches at our roasting house in Dunsborough, Western Australia.

Lost Swan

Central American Blend

Rich chocolate and ripe stone fruit flavours with caramel notes. Sweet citrus and chocolate aromas.

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May Days

Altitude Blend

Deep malt, dark chocolate and subtle liquorice flavours. Mild chocolate aroma with a touch of spice.

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Mexico Decaf

Single Origin - Huatsusco Region

Water processed decaffeinated Arabica. Refreshing and vibrant with a soft, sweet citrus flavour.

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The Cape Effect Coffee Roasters are located in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Our roasting house in open by appointment only.


PO Box 235 Dunsborough WA 6281



Ben Willis
Phone. 0457 691 295




Nicole Willis
Phone. 0408 064 940